• CHAPTERS: INTERACTIVE STORIES (2018-2021 - Crazy Maple Studio). Writer. Interactive fiction video game for mobile devices (Android and iOS). Projects: Walk of Shame (2018), Strange Neighbors (2019), Downright Delinquents (2019), No Flowers Required (2020), The Billionaire Next Door (2020), The Playboy’s Proposal (2020), Trial by Fire (2021). Writing of complete series outline, description text, branching dialogue, and players' choices.
  • WESTLAWN PLACE (working title, 2020 - Tronco). Writer. VR narrative game in prototype development. TBA.
  • TALES: CHOOSE YOUR OWN STORY (2019 - FableLabs, Inc). Writer/Author. Currently developing a sponsored project of interactive series based on my own IP “Blood Secrets”.
  • FULL-TIME JOB (2018 - Independent, self-published). Author. Interactive fiction video game, created with Twine. Finalist at Itaú Digital Story Prize.
  • ZOE INTERACTIVE STORY (2017/2018 - The Other Guys). Writer. Interactive fiction video game for mobile devices (Android and iOS). In charge of episodes structure and player’s choices design during 6 seasons (120 episodes).
  • SOY LUNA: YOUR STORY (2016/2017 - The Other Guys). Episode designer. Interactive fiction video game based on Disney’s IP “Soy Luna”.


  • BUENOS AIRES TOKIO (net-art). Author. Net-art piece about memory and nostalgia, created with the support of the National Arts Fund (FNA, Argentina). 
  • JONGNO (interactive short story). Writer. Published by Espacio Byte Digital Art Museum (March-June 2017).
  • BERLÍN (short fiction film). Writer and director. Winner of Fondo Metropolitano de la Cultura (GCBA) fund and of a Special Jury Mention at [18] BAFICI (2016).
  • FINAL DE VERANO (short story). Writer. Published at Hámster Magazine (Spain-Sweden, 2016).
  • ZONA SUR (short story). Writer. Published at Big Sur Magazine (2014).


  • Graduate Professional Program in Screenwriting (UCLA). 2021-2022 (Ongoing).
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Audiovisual Arts specialized in Screenwriting (National University of the Arts, Argentina). 2017.
  • Seminar “Transmedia Narratives”. (National University of 3 de Febrero, Argentina).
  • International Meeting “Mediated Realities” (National University of 3 de Febrero, Argentina).